Horndogz - Dogfood vol.1 EP
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DIGITAL EP .Wav + .Mp3 Horndogz feat. Fred Wesley, Juan Rozoff, Blitz the Ambassador, Lige Curry, Mary Griffin, Breis, Dee Nasty, Bibi Tanga, Peeda, Bost & Bim ...
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DOGFOOD Vol.1 7 Premium K9 Slices SIDE A : IN MY DNA (feat. Fred Wesley & Juan Rozoff) I KNOW (feat. Blitz the Ambassador & Lige Curry) PEOPLE (feat. Fred Wesley) MOVE ON UP (feat. Bibi Tanga & Peeda) SIDE B : ROCKSTEADY (feat. Mary Griffin, Breis & Dee Nasty) MOVE ON UP (Horndogz Remix) IN MY DNA (Bost & Bim Remix)